We have all heard of writer’s block  – The exact same thing can happens to a designer; and when your on a deadline this can become a big problem. Fortunately there are plenty (actually  hundreds) of  inspirational websites and blogs on the web. I have made a list of where I go to for inspiration or even just to clear the mind

Best Inspirational Blogs & Illustrations In art and advertising it’s all about creativity. Fortunately, there are great blogs out there that focus solely on illustrations and inspirational design content. Artists use graphical representation to communicate what they have seen, remembered or imagined. Just browse these blogs and find new inspiration.

If your a Google Chrome fanatic as as I am, check out this Chrome  add on which every now and then pops up some pretty darn useful stuff for a designer. Muzli 2

–  The freshest links about design and interactive, from around the web. A designer’s must!

Here’s a collection of some of my  favourites. – 10 impressive design inspirational websites.

  1. Behance – (Behance is definitely my favourite,) This is not a typical blog in the classical sense but is one of the major platforms in the field of design. Behance offers a network of sites and services for creative professionals covering all creative fields from architecture to web design. They have specialised in self-promotion, including consulting and online portfolio sites. You are going to find a lot of inspiration and interesting design work here.
  2. From up North – Daniel Nelson brought this blog to life in 2009. After one year this blog moved to its new home From up North and underwent an expansion. It has since then transformed into a design blog focusing on promoting artists from all over the world. The blog delivers inspiration within graphic design, advertising, photography, illustration, web design, motion graphics, print & packaging just to name a few.
  3. DesignCloud  – is a beautifully laid out and easy to navigate Tumblr blog. It features top of the line art, design and innovation from all around the globe. This collective has inspired and stimulated the minds of international readers, which in turn have created even more amazing work.
  4. Baunau – Sebastian Andaur shows us his love of colours in a ‘visual culture overdose’. This 19-year-old artist and graphic designer from Chile works as a freelancer evolving graphics, visuals, and new projects. From gifs to photography to shrinking 3D creations you will find a large bundle of inspirational designs.
  5. Adult Art Club –  A creative practice working in the grey area of design, art direction and illustration. Adult Art Club is run by Jonny Costello, based in the UK. Elegance and class – that is what this site hopes to achieve. The Tumblr page is packed with inspiring, beautiful photography and outstanding graphic design.
  6. Curioos –  Among the vast range of illustrators and designers across the world, Curioos picked out the very best digital artworks and put them all together in their Tumblr blog. Their distinctive mark is that they do not stick to just one way of expressing creativity. No doubt, whatever style of illustration or graphic design you like, you’ll find a few examples here.
  7. BauBau House – Go for this blog to satisfy your daily hunger for unique design, illustration, photography and of all that is art-related. Their goal is to visually inspire and entertain the audience by promoting great content. But be careful – this lovely selection also brings a smile to your face.
  8. Inspiration Grid – An online magazine representing creative talent from all around the world. Inspiration Grid delivers a daily balance of design, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, fashion and more. Out of this huge range of categories you might want to check out Advertising Inspiration first.
  9. Design is Kinky –  This blog offers a wide variety of design and art posts, keeping you entertained for hours while teaching you at the same time. Design Is Kinky should be a ‘must have’ in the collection your favourite blogs! Each post automatically leads you to the appropriate website where you can dive deeper into interesting topics.
  10. Hicks Design – Hicks Design offers designs for old and new-fangled media, like icons, interfaces and identities. Jon and Leigh Hicks have worked for a wide variety of clients. On their website they showcase the work they’ve accomplished to create incentives.


I love to design, its my absolute passion, Getting “Designers Block” is sometimes a huge problem for me.  Working full time as a marketing coordinator.  I often get bogged down answering emails, taking phone calls, planning events etc, I can never really get into creating a great designs at the office.

I  find I do my best work at home without constant disturbances. I get into my zone and off I go. My only requirement to get inspired and crack awesome design is to pump EDM through a pair of high quality headphones.