Design for non designers – Reduce clutter – Reduce clutter – Reduce clutter

Good read, for non designers, or designers who have no formal training.

We are constantly bombarded by advertising, mostly visual advertising, be it billboards, leaflets, magazines, newspaper, signage etc. and the list goes on and on. Good design has one good focus point, sometimes two. Or what I like to call sub focus points – this is typically something ; along the lines of “NEW” or “DISCOUNT %” basically a call to action.

WAY TO BUSY – Where’s the focus point?

Great artwork draws my attention to what the advertiser, is trying to tell me.If you clutter your design, use to many colours and try call now my attention to lots of focus points, you LOSE.

*How clutter affects me*
Take for example this HAMFEST flyer. Its tedious for me to look at. And I now have to decipher what the flyer is trying to tell me. I find this sample design exhausting to read.

Firstly I have pick up this is a HAMFEST promotion, whatever that is?  Now where do I look next? The Logo, the triangles next to the title text? Wow so many colours and various typefaces/fonts that have take my focus all over the place. “FORGET IT”.

The promoters have already lost those precious seconds you had of my time. If I can’t see what the design is trying to tell me, within seconds you have lost my attention.

I’ve moved on……. to something more pleasing to look at.  As a designer my focus point is to focus elsewhere as far as this particular design is concerned.

Clean, crisp & easy on the eye. And of course the “Call to action”


This “SMARTPHONES DEALS NOW INSTORE”  design works, It does have quite a few elements. Which is for me personally is on the border of cluttered.

However it has two great focal points.  The “HUGE SAVINGS” with the double impressions pulls my attention quickly. Followed by the image of the products quickly tell me  “Hey if I need a new phone – I can get huge savings here”  Even if I’m not currently in the market for a new phone I now know where to get one.

Why this campaign has been such a huge success.

This was part one of  a series of 3 types of designs.

Part 1: Was to introduce prospective clients to the fact that, hey these guys are selling cell phones now. This was done with a few leaflet drops in and around the vicinity.

Part 2: Large posters were placed out side the store in the shop windows etc. Again bringing attention to “SMARTPHONES AVAILABLE INTORE”

Part 3: This design was very much a catalogue of the various phones now available in store. Here again I was careful not to clutter the design. Displaying minimal information, but keeping in all key factors. ie. Image, features and price.

By keeping the design consistent, sticking to a limited range of colours and only using two typefaces/fonts throughout all the elements and artworks, we quickly created a sub brand that people recognise.  Our client is of course over the moon and sales are growing exponentially. There are now plans to build a dedicated section within the store just for mobile phones.